Should I lower cut speed to eliminate sloppy corners?

My gcode is cutting with the following settings:

tool diameter (in): 0.25
target depth (in): -0.8
inside/outside: Outside
safety height (in): 0.1
stock surface (in): 0
step down (in): 0.2
feedrate (in/minute): 60
plunge rate (in/minute): 30
direction Counter Clockwise

The lower right corners in my cut are coming out like this:

Should I lower my cut speed or is something else going on? More weight? The bit is a straight edge but hasn’t even cut through one full sheet of plywood yet … still, the tip is probably working harder than the rest (I’ve been debating plunging deeper and going much, much slower for feedrate).

Thanks for the help!!!


If you plunge deeper and go slower I think the outcome will be burning and bit damage. A good general recommendation is depth (step down) of cut shoud be 1/2 the diameter of the bit. I am having the same trouble on the far left and right sides of the cut area where there is a large amount of slack chain on one side. It has a lot to do with the angle of the chains with relation to the motors. Some have added more weight to the sled. The other solution is to raise the height and width of the top bar which modifies the chain/motor angles and increases the accurate cutting area. You also want to look at the speed of the router, the ridged router needs to be set at the bottom of it’s range, it would be better if we could even get it to run a little slower. I am going run some cuts with 5lbs of weight added to the sled and see what that does for me.

There are tons of posts in the forum covering all of this, you may find some information in those I have not covered here.


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increase motor distance and add weight will most likely help the most. decreasing feed might work.
of couse the simplest solution is to just slide the plywood to the left and cut the left half and then slide to the right and cut the right half, therefore, you are always using the central area.

obviously if you have long parts it will be less convienient

You might find some helpful advice from fellow members in my previous post about strange cut behaviour. Drag a many issue here i believe

I reduced the problem (not eliminated) by rounding the edge of sled, waxing bottom and reduced weight by 500g total. I also where possible as @aluminumwelder suggested move my sheet 200-300mm in from corners this totally eliminates problem. Hope this helps

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Interesting, I have been wondering if the suction from the vac may be doing more harm than good. My sled is rounded on the edges also, and I am using graphite dry lube on the bottom.

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