Smaller work area - test cut accuracy calibration step

I’ve made a smaller maslow frame (for 72x42" sheets based on what fits inside my car) and just sort of jumped into the setup process. Everything seems to have worked well once I adjusted the work area size in the Ground Control settings, but during calibration I ran into an issue with the test cuts. My sled started to run off the side and I had to cancel.

Are the test cuts autogenerated somehow from the work area size or is that just a premade CAD file that assumes a full size maslow? Do the test cut measurements feed back into adjustments in Ground Control or do they just tell you if you need to restart calibration?

I didn’t see this particular topic discussed in some old frame size discussions, so I have a feeling that the calibration process might have worked if I set size values correctly before starting calibration. Does that make sense, or is the test cut CAD file just something I need to adjust for myself and then figure out how to input smaller offsets if my cuts aren’t accurate?

I found this thread since I posted, it starts to answer some of my questions, but doesn’t seem to conclude. Bar also agrees here that an adaptable test cut pattern would work well for non-standard work area sizes.

Yeah, my understanding is that the test pattern should resize for the smaller work area. In what direction is the machine trying to go off the edge?

When you just look at the preview in Ground Control do you see the smaller work area displayed correctly and if you try to run the machine off one edge does it stop at the edge of your smaller work area?

Ok, I think I made a procedural mistake and only changed the work area size part way through calibration (after starting the test cut run and having to cancel it) so I allowed test marks to get generated for a full size work area.

I don’t think the sled was going to stop (moving to left edge), because during that phase I hadn’t altered the default work area size, but I didn’t wait to find out. Once I changed the work area size, I could see in Ground Control that the test mark cut lines were off the work area size. That’s when I ended calibration early.

It sounds like I can probably restart calibration, skip the initial steps up to the test cut, and confirm the new cut marks are generated inside the newly defined smaller workspace. I’ll confirm things on the weekend and report back.