Idiot at wit's end

I overbuilt my maslow so I could cut all the way to the edge of a sheet of plywood, but my settings leave my test cuts really far into the sheet. How do I adjust my settings or calibration to get these test marks closer to the outside of the sheet? I built this thing almost a year ago and am still constantly plagued by technical issues/own stupidity. Thanks

it should adjust the test cuts based on the size of the work area you define in
the settings, it doesn’t want to risk getting too close to the edges before
doing the calibration.

David Lang

Right, thanks. I’m trying to figure out my way around those measurements. are you able to see my pictures? the frame is larger than the plywood so I can cut all the way to the edge of the sheet.

It won’t even let me enter a value small enough to get me to the top of the plywood

If your work size is 4’x8’, full sheet, the unit will go all the way to the edge, but the test cuts were designed for the rest of us so the sled doesn’t fall off while it is making the test cuts. This is normal. They look similar to mine, except my border isn’t as nice as yours and my test cuts were in much cheaper wood.

Really? because I put in 4x8 as my work surface before and it has never allowed me to get to the top edge. I was diligent in measuring the distance from the drive sprocket to the upper edge. Thanks so much for your input.

It really seemed like it had an upper limit that I presumed was written into the software and I was curious if anyone might know how to offset that dimension

Are you worried about not getting full use of the plywood or the position of the test cuts? Someone mentioned a std setup will have issues within 4" of the edge and within 1’ of the lower corners, but that is based on gravity and chain geometry and tipping at the edges, not by a software constraint. I am not aware of a software lockout preventing the unit from going there.

Just cutting literally all the way to the edge. I had previously tried this with a piece but it just seemed to compress the image and cut a totally wobbly version of what i was trying to cut.

where are you trying to enter a value that it’s not letting you get to the top
of your workpiece?

I don’t understand what you are trying to do?

David Lang

“Measure from the center of the motor shaft to the top of the sheet of plywood”. I would just like to be able to cut all the way to the edge of a sheet of plywood.

what step is that? there would be a measurement from the center of a slot to the

what is it that you are doing that’s not going to the top?

David Lang

How far above the top of your sheet are the motors?

Total newb here, but I think the size of your “work surface” is not 4x8, it’s the the full width and length of the skirt. The vertical offset distance is from the center of the motor shaft to the top of the skirt.

The test cut pattern is just for calibration and does not indicate the total area that can be cut. You will be able to cut the to edge even though the test cut marks are far from it.

As @dlang said it automatically adjusts to be about one foot inset from the maximum cut area so that the calibration can be run on standard setups that do not have additional support material beyond the cutting area. There is little value in changing the test cut dimensions because the calculated adjustment values apply to the whole cutting area and would be virtually identical even if they were a foot further out.

Just calibrate it as is. If you have cutting issues then list them and we can guide you further.

You could increase your maximum cutting area to include the additional support pieces, which will move the test cut locations, but then you run the risk of cutting into the support material.

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