Swap meet mising in latest

does not appear in Latest
I got Latest(1) but unable to find it

The only post was 16 hours ago, much has been posted since then. I can see it in the list though, pretty far down.

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Still can’t see it. Is it because it’s a sticky maybe?

Maybe I misunderstand. I see the one message ‘Need to sell Maslow’ on that list, with a blue box and ‘Swap Meet’ for the section name. Sorry if I’m being slow to understand :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, that’s right, the one I’m referring to is the other one. About the Swap Meet category. posted at about the same time

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I see what you mean. The message is pinned at the top of the Swap Meet category, but doesn’t show up in the regular messagfe scroll. That would make it easy to miss unless going directly to that category.

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Sorry, if I click on the Maslow Logo and then on Latest you are at top. Is that something in the user settings?
Edit1: User Settings
Edit 2: I remember joining the new Forum, I missed out on some posts. I solved it by changing my setting, but can’t recall what made the difference, that I can read everything now. Just for the chance it might help, a picture of my settings:

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How are you reading the forum? New only shows new topics, not new posts, afaik. Does Swap Meet show up under categories? It does for me.

I use Latest with the odd double check to see if I missed anything. Not sure that’s the best way but it seems to work