Tape Measure and Calibrate measure have 2 different readings

I used the calibration method in GC to find the distance between the motors, in my case 2985.59 mm. Some time later I used a tape measure and got 3009 mm. I measured from the outside edge of the drive with the chain then subtracted the width of one gear/chain combination which in theory gives me the center to center distance between the motor shafts. Am I misunderstanding the measurement?

I thought that PR#467 within GC Release 0.98 addressed this :disappointed: Which versions are you using?

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I did the calibration on an earlier version, I am using triangle kinematics with version 0.98 now. I guess I should go with the 3009 as my starting point.

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If you have a chance to try it again to confirm that the switch to 0.98 fixed the issue I would love to know that, but if you don’t want to do it it again I agree that 3009 is going to be more accurate