1.0 calibration pop-up

After going to v1.0 this AM, I opened GC and had a popup showing to recalibrate because my steps per revolution had been changed. Is this the entire calibration or just chain calibration?

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1.00 corrects the error in the gearbox’s ratio from 291:1 to 289.77. Long story short is that the machine will now measure the distance between motors more accurately. As this value affects your calibration, you need to pretty much redo the whole calibration process from the start. Well, if you use quadrilateral (stock) sled then you don’t have to recount the number of links between the chain mounting points… nothing changed there, just reenter your last count.


Thanks @madgrizzle !!! Recalibration begins…


If you can manually measure the distance between motors with a tape measure at the same time Maslow is measuring it (after you tighten the chain), it would be interesting to know the difference between the two measurements. I was getting ~15 mm difference prior to 1.00 and now I get a 1 mm difference. To get the measurement manually, I put the tape measure on the left side of the left sprocket (and hold it there with a piece of masking tape) and pull it to the left side of the right sprocket. I put the end of the right chain on the left side of the right sprocket so I can match the left side (you’ll see what I mean when you do it). Someone recommended that way and it worked well for me.

If you do, report back what you measure and what Maslow measures.


So sorry @madgrizzle , i calibrated and never looked back!! Cuts came out exactly as planned!! Maslow is centered around many Christmas gifts this year, most by request!!!
Here is a 13.5”X13.5” plaque cut out today for my good friend (LSU footballer,) still have to finish it out…

And here I have a 50’s stereo that is becoming a bar. Cut the doors, shelves on inside and back panel(good ol rounded MakerCam rectangle.


These are amazing too! Can I put them in the newsletter also? It’s still a full two weeks away and we’ve already got so many cool new projects to show!


@bar anything that you ever want to put in the newsletter of mine, is an honor!!! I thank you so much for everything you and your team have given us!!!


Thanks @clintloggins! I think I just keep asking as a way to say “This is awesome and I’m going to put it in the newsletter so everyone can see how cool it is” so I’ll just start saying that from now on :grin:


Some of this stuff is incredible. It is hard to believe that was cut on a 4x8 machine.