The Wednesday Weekly Update is Posted

Let me know if you have any questions for comments!

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how many components are customized? I’m not thrilled to hear of modified power
supplies, custom length motor shafts, etc. Even though those make the systems
that you ship better, it makes it harder for anyone else to make a similar

molded parts are not something I mind, someone can produce similar enough parts
via other methods (machining or 3d printing)

As an example, while I agree with the need to have a bearing on the motor
shafts, I just wish it was possible to do so by changing the motor mount to get
a little more stickout rather than making the motors custom with a 5mm longer
shaft (or whatever the extra length is)

David Lang

I see your point (and it’s a good one), but it would be very very difficult to make a complete machine like Maslow4 using off the shelf parts. I absolutely would have if I knew how. Even 3D printing the parts is pretty far from ideal. The only material that I’ve found which can handle the forces is the Prusament polycarbonate carbon fiber and even that is going to be much less strong than the molded parts.

Potentially with time as we order these parts in larger quantities they may become more readily available (and we will sell stand alone parts at a pretty low cost for anyone who just needs a few bits), most of the parts which are available “off the shelf” are available because they are used in some other product, so hopefully as we buy more of them they will be more easy to get.

I really wanted to focus fully on making the best machine possible, and not on making the easiest to source machine possible so wherever we could improve a part we have.


After we kept running into gotchas with the original maslow where parts were
just barely good enough to work, but push then and it was like tugging on a
loose yarn in a sweater, I can understand that. I don’t even disagree with it
(as much as it makes me uncomfortable)

I’m just asking, to the extent possible, that you document where you moved away
from ‘standard’ parts and why.

I fully expect people to take the design and apply it to very different things
(painting, lightweight engraving machines, bigger routers and plasma cutters are
obvious ones to start with).

Some of these will be lighter than the original, some will be heavier, some will
end up with metal parts to handle heat, etc.

So the more info on why, not just what, the better.

It would be different if you were trying to run a long-term business for profit
to make a living from selling them, but since you are instead focusing on
getting the capability out to the world, the added documentation will help (and
greatly reduce the reverse engineering/guessing that people like me have to do
:slight_smile: )

David Lang


I will absolutely document everything which clear specs for each part.

I AM hoping to run a long term business making a living selling them, but I also think that the idea is too cool to be limited to one application and once company just like you said. I want to see the idea get used for all kinds of things.