The December 27th Kickstarter Update is Posted

But I can save you a click since it’s a video and you can watch it here:

Let us know if you have any feedback or comments!

I got my survey invitation for shipping information. The survey said it should take less than a minute to complete, which is generally true. However, I didn’t know there would be a hard (though optional) question: “What will you make first with your Maslow4?” :laughing:

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That was misleading I know for a fact that I’ve been thinking about all the things that I want to make for months. As soon as I have time to actually focus on building things :smiley:

It’s not a major update, but we got the black encoder boards in and they look great

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I’m out of the robotics mentoring business (although I do serve as judge for one event), but we used to use motors like that all the time. I could see some folks outside the Maslow community being interested in those encoders.

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I tried to make the board as re-purposable as possible so there are a couple solder jumpers that can be cut to separate the two stepper drivers making it a full six axis controller if someone wanted to build a robot arm or something.

We’ll have all the bits available a-la carte for replacement parts or if anyone else wants to use them for something. The ethernet cords should make it easy to use the encoders anywhere.

@bar any news on what dust extractor hoods / covers will be available …?? Just thinking about shipping to UK / non-US locations as people may want to add one in.

Also left you a message re bulk UK shipping !

Great question. I’m not totally sure that we’re going to be able logistically to customize kits as we’re packing them. Getting them all packed is going to be a herculean task even with them all being the same, and needing to keep track of which one is going where adds another layer of complexity. That being said it would be great to be able to combine shipping.

I think that what’s most likely is that we will offer a free STL file and links to a local 3D printing service in your area that can print them for you faster and cheaper than we would be able to sell them anyway. That way you won’t have to worry about international shipping and we can offer a lot of customization.

@bar that’s a fair point tbh and hadn’t quite considered the logistics if you’re also making the boxes as compact and “structured” as possible !!

Sounds like I may need to dust off the old 3D printer… pardon the pun !!

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We would like to be able to offer shipping extra things in the box at some point (space permitting), but I want to make sure that we have a good system in place to make sure that we are sending all the right things in the right box to the right person before we tackle that.

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Anyone have name(s) for 3D printing service and/or injection molding company(s) they’re happy with? There’s many companies to choose from, so community recommendation is appreciated.

Forgot name of the 3D printing service(s) that Bar mentioned during Open house. Tried searching a few places…


I like generally. It’s a bit of a grab bag because your part gets quoted by a lot of places, but the prices are pretty unbeatable.

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