Think I've been charged twice for shipping


I’ve just bought a Maslow 4 after I saw your e-mail. I’m super excited to get it, particularly as I’m in the UK and I thought I’d have to wait months.

On my order, it looks like I’ve been charged twice for the shipping - I selected the international upgrade to put in my cart, but then the shipping to the UK was auto-calculated!

Any chance I can talk with someone to get one of the shipping items refunded to my card?



Yes! I saw your order come in :smiley:

You totally got charged for shipping twice and I will refund you for the international upgrade right away. I actually took the international upgrade off our website right after I saw that because I can see how that would be confusing.

Sorry for the trouble. We will email you once your refund (just for the extra shipping) is complete.

Thanks for being excited about Maslow4!

Thanks @bar. I appreciate it. :smiley:

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