Shipping/billing question

Sorry if this the wrong category of the forums to ask this question.

German customs is holding my Maslow. To pick it up I need to present the bill. I am just wondering if the value indicated in/on the package matches the actual value or if you did something clever to avoid us Europeans paying a crapload of import tax. That’s what most of the crowd funded projects from China do. :slight_smile:

I only have an order shipping confirmation for my Z-axis kit, not my Maslow btw. There the value indicated is the actual amount 60 USD. For the Maslow I never got a confirmation, so I have no idea.

Please advise asap, I was on holidays and have only two more days before customs will bounce the package back to the US.



@bar or @hannah would have to answer this, but I would expect the value to
represent the full cost ($410 with the Z) rather than some smaller amount

Ok, but my shipping confirmation for order #01120 is for z-axis only. I have no proof that I am receiving a Maslow and how much it is worth, in case what is stuck at customs is more than the z-axis. Maybe it’s also not sent yet?


the e-mail shipping confirmation was produced by two different systems, one for
Z axis and one for everything else, but they are all in one box.

basically, you just need to contact the customs folks and either pay whatever
they ask (on whatever value they are thinking) or have them send it back.

@dlang is correct on this one. everything is in the same box, and the declared value is $410. we didn’t do any of that sneaky stuff like some of the Kickstarters from China do :wink: you’ll just have to get in touch with customs and pay whatever they are asking of you.

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Guys, German customs won’t release anything without a bill. I got an email with a value declaration for the z-axis but I miss one for the Maslow

I need a bill for the Maslow with a value matching whatever the papers inside the box say.


@virtualritz I’ll get you an invoice ASAP. If you email me at I can get your email so I’ll know where to send the invoice

So how much did you pay for importing the Maslow? Just wondering because mine will be on his way soon :slight_smile:

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