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Touch Zero Z axis not moving


Does anyone know why I have to click “Touch Zero” about 10 times before the z axis actually moves? Most times when I click it the z axis motor just hums and GC reports that it has been zeroed. After clicking many times the motor will turn and only move a few MM. When it does make contact with my probe GC does seem to zero the z axis correctly. Also I changed the “Max touch z axis plunge” setting to 40 just to see if I could get any movement. So far this setting seems to not affect anything.

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Is touch zero a feature that you added on?
If it needs continuity to stop at zero (inferred by probe reference) maybe you are accidentally making contact with something before the probe end is engaged. Just what I might look for.



Yes this was the same though I had. Turns out I had my probe and ground wires switched. So it finding continuity immediately. I am not sure why I was able to tap the button 4 or 5 times and it would work. Now that I have my probe and ground wires hooked up right it works perfectly.

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