Trochoidal milling on Maslow?

Anyone use Trochoidal milling on the maslow? I’ve seen it offered in some software, basically instead of the router traveling straight it, makes many small circles as it goes along, allowing for deeper cuts.


Try it!

I thought trochoidal milling was to improve cut speed by taking little bites, maybe it’ll help make up for slow Maslow speeds by taking deeper cuts. Haven’t looked at it in a long time, wonder if it works by improving cooling (no burning) and chip clearance?


is there a free software that does trochoidal milling? estlcam 8 is $60. Seems like a fair price though.

The CamBam demo might

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If it allows for deeper cut, it should increase tool life since the tip is used less. I see no reason the maslow couldn’t do this, the slow one is the z-axis, the xy is allright.

I use Estlcam and trochoidal milling is on my to-do list for quite a while now… gotta try it in a future project.
Btw, you can download and test Estlcam with full functionality for free - I think it limits the maximum number of gcode lines or something like that…
I ran the free version for quite a while, then bought it out of pure gratitude because it worked so well for me :smiley:


I read that it’s quite intensive for the controller. So probably the blue smoke is the better choice :slight_smile:

Our machines have low acceleration and a weak controller (not able to handle lots of lines/sec)

I would suggest that before you spend a lot of time with this, just put a 1/2" single flute bit in the machine and cut through 3/4 plywood in a single pass. I think you will be surprised at how well it works.

The limit is in the cpu processing (the weak arduino), not in the motor
controller board.

David Lang

it is a good technique for cutting sheet metal from what I have read. you are right cutting plywood is easy.

shows an addin for Cambam that does this. ( )

Estlcam is now up to version 11, and does it.

Both cost, but seems to be inexpensive compared to ‘professional’ software out there, or even Fusion360 if you must pay any of their licesnses. (just my thoughts, not fact)

Dr. Giggle says that Fusion360’s adaptive milling might be the same as trocoidal milling, although there’s dissenters on both sides. F360’s free to good homes, er, hobbyists although you need to register and periodically reactivate

Someday the f360 faucet will come with a - Insert Credit Card to continue. It will come to pass.