Ultrasonic PWM motor control

While perusing Pololu’s labor day sale items I found an interesting comment for one of their brushed DC motor controllers

“Ultrasonic PWM to eliminate switching-induced motor shaft hum or whine.”

For an older moose the definition of ultrasonic has dropped over the years, but is there a reason to keep the PWM frequency in the audible range of you young upstarts? Without actually digging into it, bumping it up shouldn’t cause a frequency related loss of motor current since it all gets averaged out anyway

What’s wrong with <15 character succinct titles?

@Bar talked about the PWM here, it looks like creating another Timer to separate the left motor from the PID loops would be needed. A little leery about wakening the dragons in that corner of the world…

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@blurfl is spot on, we can do it and we will as soon as we’ve got all the other dragons under control, but I’m a little leary to rock the boat just yet

Training your dragon can be interesting :slight_smile:

Just thought it was something interesting when I stumbled across it, not a real enhancement request. I’ve grown used to the buzzing, lets you know it’s still alive and thinking about you,

Improved sledding is way more interesting than unstable boating. Reminds me, time to get back to filling that bucket with concrete chunks so I can get back to the Maslow