Unable to get to assembly instructions

Hi everyone! I just got my Maslow on Sunday. Used the URL provided (www.Maslow.com/assemblyguide) but get the message that the page could not be found. Is there another address other than the one they send us? Obviously it’s useless without assembly instructions.

Hey @Jerryd58,

Who did you buy the kit from? We have an ongoing issue where people are selling out of date versions of our design and putting our name on it. It’s pretty bold that they don’t even host their own assembly instructions :man_facepalming:

I was cleaning up and revamping our website yesterday and I think I took that link down to make way for our new assembly instructions which I am working on writing right now.

I’ll will find a link to the old assembly instructions and get it to you.

Thanks! The kit came from makermade. I watched a video on face book with the maker himself explaining their journey to get this product out. I ordered from there and got an email reply or 2 from makermade. Confirming my order and shipping notification. I’ll wait awhile and look again. Will the new instructions work on an older version ? After I bought I noticed though that I paid a lot more for it than I could at other sellers.

I’m sorry about that. We’re currently working to get them to stop using our name on their products. MakerMade is an entirely separate company that has nothing to do with us. If you can return it and get a real Maslow, the real one is are both cheaper and way way better.

I didn’t realize that they were still linking to the assembly instructions on our website. Luckily everything is open source so the old assembly instructions haven’t gotten lost. You can find an archived copy of them here: Home · MaslowCNC/Mechanics Wiki · GitHub

Are you saying I didn’t buy this from makermade?

Haha no you most certainly bought it from maker made :stuck_out_tongue:

This just isn’t maker made. We’re MaslowCNC which is a different company.

MakerMade is selling a copy of our old design which is why they linked you to our old assembly guide on our website.

I got it now thanks for your help!

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The assembly guide link is here:
Maslow Resources — MakerMade

Maker Made sells a Maslow CNC kit (as well as the Jumpstart Kit) that is Open Source, and cited as such. IIRC, you gave the company the designs, specifications, molds, etc.