Help! Maslow version 1, building. Can't find instructions

I looked around here a bit and I can’t find anything, could somebody point me to some sort of a detailed instructions for the Maslow version 1? Hoping for an original build video tutorial. All the ones I see are for later versions. Yes, I bought the original version and never opened the box. finally getting around to it today. lol. Also, yes I’m expecting laughter. :rofl:
I looked at the shipping box and I received this July of 2018. So it’s been 6 years sitting in the box. finally ready!

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Yes! You can find links to all of the assembly steps here: Assembly Instruction List · MaslowCNC/Mechanics Wiki · GitHub

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Happy father’s day to every dad out there!
I spent the day with my kids finally getting the maslow frame and sled set up. Unfortunately we hit a huge road block. The calibration of this original maslow is SUPER CONFUSING. The pictures don’t seem to match what the worded instructions say to do - and then there’s the question of should I be using webcontrol instead of groundcontrol even though this is an M1?
I tried using webcontrol, but still cannot figure out how to get this thing calibrated. I think I’m going to do a quick video of where I’m stuck at and maybe someone could point me in the correct direction.

If you need help, I’ll be willing to talk you through on the phone.

Definitely would like to take you up on the hand holding through setup. Happy to pay you to do so as well. Video call could work even better, but phone only is better than trying to stumble my way through more of this. It took me a few hours to finally find a YouTube video of bar explaining that Makermade is not Maslow to understand why some of the things I was finding for advice was confusing. I think if I have someone a bit more seasoned in this show me the basics it will make much more sense. And I have absolutely spent hours and hours trying desperately to find the right information to move forward even inches on this project.

I’m in Buffalo, NY so EST timezone. Let me know when works for you. In the mean time I’ll be looking over these links you shared.
Thank you

Let’s stick with Webcontrol. No payment necessary. I’m in Utah. I’ll reach out to your cell # later in the day to see what we can arrange.

Fantastic. Agree about webcontrol since groundcontrol is no longer being developed. I appreciate it