New Maslow For Sale in Florida - Sold

I have one original kit, z axis (for Ridgid 2200), unused (just took out of box to make sure everything was there).
I’ve got too many irons in the fire for right now.
I’ve got $481 in it, plus $20 shipping, Let me know if you would like it for $500 shipped.

PS. I also have a ring kit ordered so I guess I will sell that later when it comes in.


EXTREMELY interested if, still available in about 4-5 days

Best Wishes,

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Still for sale.

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Now $490.
Will drop $10 every week until gone.
Starting June 16 Saturday.


$480 now.

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Just a heads up we’ll probably sell out of kits in about three weeks at which point it will be a lot easier to find a buyer because you’ll be the only one selling

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10-4, thanks for the heads up.

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Hello, I hope this message finds you well. Is the Maslow still available? A project I’m involved with desperately needs a CNC router. We have looked at ShopBot and others but we don’t need that level of capability and buy one would go far beyond our budget.

If it is still available please let me know. I have the $$ in hand and have a real need for one.
I have started looking over the GIT hub documents to see if the project team can build one ourselves. It looks like we could but we’d much rather buy a working one.

Best Regards

Yes, we have put it on eBay.
It is here:

Awesome. Looking at it now. Thank you.

It looks great, Placing order now.
Just to confirm, this includes everything that come in the original box from Maslow plus the Z-axis attachment?

If the answer is yes, then I’ll complete the purchase today.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Gary Dickenson

Yes, that is correct

Awesome, Thank you

I just placed the order.

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Okay, will go out today.


Awesome. I am helping an older friend who has been building furniture for years. He wants to venture into the world of CAD and CNC but does not know where to start. I figure this will keep him busy for a while and I’ll be able to router my own stuff too.

from what I’ve seen on Youtube this should work perfect for his projects.

Best Regards
Gary Dickenson

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It’s been a long time since I bought anything on Ebay and I have moved since the last time I bought. I did not notice that I had not updated my Billing Address. Most likely the payment will fail to process, but worries. I have updated to the correct address. If they retry the transaction it will go through. If they do not automatically retry I will do the purchase from this end.
So if you see any messages along those lines don’t worry. It will be straightened out. Feel free to hold off shipping until it’s all resolved. If it were me I would not ship before it’s all straight so I expect you’d do the same.

No worries.

@GaryInTulsa, because the Maslow forums are public, I would suggest editing your message above to remove your phone number. No sense in making it easy for the phone spammers.


Thank you for the reminder. You are 100% correct.

Hello Gary,
I have the ring kit that I ordered now.
If you would like to buy this as well let me know.