Using Maslow CNC to Drill Holes

Hi all. I just discovered Maslow and wanted know if anyone has modified the system to use a small Dremel or drill to drill holes instead of a router for cutting. I’m working on some large scale artworks using studs in leather. Right now I hand punch 2mm holes by placing a large format paper print over the leather but it’s really time consuming and labour intensive. I’ve also enquired about laser cutting the holes but most laser cutting beds are too small for my needs and price can be high for machine time. In a single piece measuring 2m x 1.5m there can be about over 6000 holes spaced at about 8-10mm apart. If it were possible i’d probably sandwich the leather to the backboard with a thin ply or MDF sheet to keep it all nice and flat and drill through the thin sheet and leather. In short, do you think the Maslow CNC system could be used to drill thousands of 2mm holes? Could it easily be modified to control the “in and out” (Z-axis?) of a drill bit? Loving what people are doing with the Maslow and just thought I’d ask if anyone in the Forum could shed some light on whether it’s worth pursuing this route. Any feedback really appreciated!



That sounds like a perfect job for automation!
The Maslow could locate a tool in the right place and take care if the up/down. You might need to create a holder to clamp the drill/dremel in, but take a look at this page of the Wiki for ways folks have adapted other tools to the Maslow.
Let us know what you think and keep us posted on the project :smile:

Have any pictures you can post or link to? I’d love to see what you’re making.

Thanks for the quick reply guys! I think I could work out a custom clamp no problem.

Here’s a closeup of what I do. They’re basically a halftone, as used in print to create images… just using a different medium. All studs need to be hand set but hoping some level of automation at least in the hole drilling portion of the process could help speed things up and save me from going mental. Haha!

Will look into it further and keep you posted.

Thanks again!!!


You can find 2mm router bits so a stock R22002 router setup with z axis kit would work. Just need the right size collet to adapt it to the router (doubt you will find a 2mm cutting diameter with a 1/2inch shaft)

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But you could get a 1/4" shank with a 2mm diameter solid carbide bit

and put it in a Ridgid 1/4" collet adapter.

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It is possible to do something with this one Dremel 335 plunge-router

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Currently we are limited on how much GroundControl can display. See here Random jumps down when running gcode
Until we can switch of what is rendered, a workaround would be to divide the code in separate files.
Kind regards, Gero