V groove inlay help

i know i saw on here some where inlays with a v bit cant seem to find it again. any help would be great

I wonder if “inlay” is the right term for what you’re looking for? I believe an inlay is where you cut a piece out and place it in a pocket or hole in another piece, which would seem to me to be difficult to do with a v-groove bit.

Also, I got a tip early on: If you can’t find what you’re looking for with the forum’s built in search, use a search engine, and use a search term like: forums.maslowcnc.com vgroove

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i found it on youtube

search v groove inlay cuts


Can’t find the post. Is it something specific you are looking for, like Fengrave?

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i attached a link

Impressive. If you make something using this technique, please post it. Good luck!

getting ready to try a picnic table buddy wants a table with the business logo inlayed ill post it if it turns out

The link that @Gero posted has a good tutorial on how to do v-bit inlay carving. Be advised that you need to have a very sharp v-bit to make it come out right (the tip should come as close as possible to a sharp point and not be rounded off). If the tip is not sharp, then you will need to compensate for that in both the cavity and raised cuts.