Vintage plans for free

Here are a few links for vintage plans that I have been saving. A number of them have been the inspiration for things I have made. Lots of fun things to re-imagine (Maslow style).

Tons of cool plans for a lot of things. Want to build a personal submarine? They have plans for that…

This site was a number of the old Deltagram plans available.
This site also has a Jr Woodcrafter section with plans you can cut out for the kids to build (includes a few of the Home Depot wood kid projects).

Good site, mostly smaller toys, but look out for “Spam” that is hiding as legit links (do not go the the “Build a CNC machine” link. (This is a scam from all I read) Too bad as I would have built that.

Fantastic site for Vintage plans (I actually purchased the magazine copies of a number of these plans on eBay before finding this site).

This site is mostly set up for Xcarve type of machine, but still some good stuff if you look around.


I definitely will be pillaging these troves! Thanks for the share.

I’m working to put together a similar site of plans for free and for sale, Not exclusively for CNC plans, but I could imagine putting some of my designs up there some day.