Other sites like

Does anyone know of other sites like openddesk and grabcad to get ideas and/or design files for cnc’ing? Every blue moon thingiverse has some cnc stuff but I’d like to see whats out there.

don’t we have a wiki page that lists several sources?

@dlang, yes: Project Websites

I’d like to move it to the Community Garden wiki but its still disabled. Currently it’s in the Software wiki.

didn’t know there was a wiki for it. It doesn’t have grabcad so maybe that can be added.

Please feel free to add any and all sites you’d think make good additions. Simply follow the formatting you find is already in place and 2x check your links. =)



Please, everyone post up the tools in your CAD/CAM toolbox; if you use it to get from an idea in your head to a finished part, we want to know about it.

I’ll compile a list in the top level pinned topic (See the Projects category pin for reference).

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@mrfugu Sorry! Public access to the community garden wiki should be enabled now. Thanks for the reminder!


Can I ask everyone to please post their software tools In this topic?

That will help me keep it all in one spot.

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