We found an office, the Wednesday update is posted


Happy Wednesday everyone!

Let me know if anyone has questions or thoughts!

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Congratulations on the new space! Since you’re conveniently located off of I-90, I might just pop by and visit sometime…when I’m feeling like a 35 hour drive. :laughing:

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Hahah I was getting ready to reply something like “That’s great! Come on by!” but 35 hours is pretty lengthy :stuck_out_tongue:

If you are in the area though, you are more than welcome, and if not we’ll take lots of pictures so it feels like you’ve been there.

Happy Thursday! Your new digs look great, nice find! Very familiar with the area, you’re next to our favorite Krispy Kreme. The Van Gogh immersive experience is quite a trip. You have a HomeDepot close by, and other hardware/electronic stores in the area. Look forward to checking out if/when you’re open for visits/pickups. Cheers!

Right!? I was checking that place out. I’ve never seen a two story Krispy Kreme before. Is it the bakery?

That was a major selling point :smiley:

We’re absolutely open for visits / pickups. It’s going to be great to meet everyone who is local. Maybe we’ll do an open house once we’re moved in.

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