Webcontrol for MAC?

I’m new here and am not having much luck with Makerverse in calibrating my M2. I appears that Webcontrol with Holey firmware would be better option to get started from what I’m reading. However I can not find WebControl software for my Mac or Arduino unit that came with my M2. I see for Windows and Raspberry pi. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

m2 only works with makerverse. webcontrol/groundcontrol only work with classic. classic works with makerverse

Thanks Orob! I’ve probably spend 6 hours scouring the internet for help and this is the first time I’ve heard this. Thank you!! Someone needs to rewrite the direction for the M2 and do a updated video. Once I get things figured out and working I’m going to do this. Every problem that you could have setting up this machine I have had. There are tons of videos out there, but they are all old and most don’t relate to the M2.

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I thought mine were ok. but I guess they are a bit outdated and my kids say I’m boring too… Did you see this one?

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Orob, I can’t believe I have not seen that video. I thought I watched them all. Holy cow that version of Makerverse is completely different then what I’ve been trying to use. I subscribed also. Thanks again for your input. I was definitely heading the wrong direction in troubleshooting until you jumped in to help. I don’t have any kids but I’m first to admit my videos are boring also. haha. Let me see how this new version of makerverse works and I will update this thread so others can hopefully be helped by this. thank you!


Well I still can’t get to calibrating my M2… still trying to connect via adriano.

It says its uploading but should it take several hours? see screenshot.

I ended up stopping it and keep trying other things… nothing works.

Unfortunntly the developers of the M2 don’t participate much with the rest of
the Maslow community. They have their own software which is significantly
different from what the older maslow uses.

David Lang

For the M2, make sure you have the usb in the correct port. That is the most common problem with the DUE boards.