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WebControl Open Beta


I have a raspberry pi and a smartphone but I figure that since I’m challenged enough with a regular pc maybe it’s not such a good idea? One of the main reasons I consider this is because of the last comment about the graphics requirements on Windows 10. I may be having a similar issue no one seems to know, yet, what my issues are but I would sure love to have the webcontrol going for sure!


Would anyone in this thread be willing to write a quick blurb about Web Ground Control with a few screenshots in the wiki newsletter (which I will then email out) here:

Perhaps @madgrizzle or @johnboiles?

We introduced the concept of web ground control a few updates back, but I think there are a lot of folks out there not reading the forums who would benefit from an update about what it is and how it works :slightly_smiling_face:… because its AWESOME!!


Happy to do it unless @madgrizzle wants to! When do you need it?


It’s easy to be excited about this project. Webcontrol could potentially be for DIY CNC what OctoPrint is for 3d printing


Would today be too soon? :grin:


@madgrizzle might already have something. Otherwise soonest I can write something up would be tonight!


How do you want the writeup? Do I just add a post to your thread or do you want me to edit your thread to include it?


I am trying to install WebControl Beta to my Windows 10 laptop to solve my first-world problem of repeatedly moving between my laptop and the workpiece for setting home, adjusting sprockets to 12’O clock etc.

At the final step:
I get a the following error:
“Python: can’t open file ‘’ : [Errno2] no such file or directory”.

Did I forget to install something?


You need to run Python from the Anaconda Prompt. Do you hav it installed?

Once it launched, you will be presented with a prompt, and have access to the Python interpreter and can run the conda commands.


Did you already create the python environment for webcontrol with the environment.yml (459 Bytes)


Yes, I did:


Ok, good you are in the webcontrol conda env.

Also ’ you enter this all on one line by it self:


Entering it all in one line doesn’t solve it.

I changed the directory of Anaconda before installing. Could that be the issue?



Does your Directory look like this, I assumed you unzipped the WebControl .zip file into your working dir?

(WebControl) C:\Users\mcgui\Maslow\WebControl-master>dir
 Volume in drive C is Windows
 Volume Serial Number is DC4E-9340

 Directory of C:\Users\mcgui\Maslow\WebControl-master

03/04/2019  05:49 PM    <DIR>          .
03/04/2019  05:49 PM    <DIR>          ..
03/04/2019  05:11 PM                66 .gitattributes
03/04/2019  05:11 PM               188 .gitignore
03/04/2019  05:11 PM    <DIR>          Actions
03/04/2019  05:11 PM               169
03/04/2019  05:11 PM    <DIR>          avr
03/04/2019  05:11 PM    <DIR>          Background
03/04/2019  05:11 PM    <DIR>          config
03/04/2019  05:11 PM    <DIR>          Connection
03/04/2019  05:11 PM    <DIR>          DataStructures
03/04/2019  05:11 PM            33,342 defaultwebcontrol.json
03/04/2019  05:11 PM             4,940 Dockerfile
03/04/2019  05:20 PM               459 environment.yml
03/04/2019  05:11 PM    <DIR>          File
03/04/2019  05:11 PM             4,432 GETTINGSTARTED
03/04/2019  05:11 PM            32,005 LICENSE
03/04/2019  05:11 PM            13,853
03/04/2019  05:11 PM             9,221
03/04/2019  05:11 PM               290 requirements.txt
03/04/2019  05:11 PM    <DIR>          scripts
03/04/2019  05:11 PM    <DIR>          settings
03/04/2019  05:11 PM    <DIR>          static
03/04/2019  05:11 PM    <DIR>          templates
03/04/2019  05:11 PM    <DIR>          tools
03/04/2019  05:11 PM    <DIR>          WebPageProcessor
03/04/2019  05:49 PM    <DIR>          __pycache__
              11 File(s)         98,965 bytes
              16 Dir(s)  402,148,323,328 bytes free
(WebControl) C:\Users\mcgui\Maslow>conda env list
# conda environments:
base                     C:\Users\mcgui\Anaconda3
WebControl            *  C:\Users\mcgui\Anaconda3\envs\WebControl


How’d you go about downloading webcontrol? The <!doctype html> is indicative of downloading it wrong. Try either use git or download the zip file and extract it.


Also I’m not sure if it’d make things easier for y’all, but we could make a Docker image for x86 processors that could be run from Docker for Windows. Then it won’t matter what sort of environment you have. The same Docker image would work on Linux also.

I think it’d be easier overall. But I haven’t used Windows in a while so it’s hard for me to reason about.

I really recommend just picking up a $30 Raspberry Pi. It makes everything so much simpler.


Looks like you beat me to it! Great writeup and I enjoyed the narrative at the beginning of how the project got started. If you wanted to slim it down I’d suggest limiting the features discussed to

  • Multiple, simultaneous displays (maybe mention responsive as a part of that)
  • 3D gcode preview - This has save me from a bad cut more than once since I can easily visualize the tabs! This is a huge improvement over GroundControl. I sometimes will just upload gcode to WebControl from my living room, just to be able to have a simple 3d visualization of the paths.
  • One-click updates for both WebControl and Firmware
  • Runs from a RaspberryPi - For me this was huge, as I was always anxious about doing things on my computer while doing cuts (I’ve had Fusion 360 cause a kernel panic before!). Also no need to track down obscure Windows tablets, you can just use a commodity $30 RaspberryPi instead!

I think this is the best web-based CNC software out there right now. I’m helping a friend build an MPCNC and it’s hard for me to imagine CNC-ing without WebControl. I think we’re not far from turning WebControl into a project that could positively affect the whole DIY CNC community. Not sure if it makes sense to include something about this. We have the potential here to affect the greater community beyond just Maslow owners.

@bar is it ok that it’s not written in first person from your point of view? Happy to help refactor into something with a voice consistent with the rest of the newsletter. LMK if that’d be helpful


Sounded like a fun creative project to riff on @madgrizzle’s writeup so I took a pass at condensing it and wrapping the origin story so that the change in voice isn’t abrupt. My edits are here:

Feel free to use it or not. I won’t be offended either way!


I had considered Docker, and I have used it on Linux boxen. But, my understanding is that Docker will not run on Windows 10 home edition. According to the documentation you need Windows 10 64bit Pro or Enterprise, or am I wrong?

I agree with you on the raspberry Pi, maybe the easier route.


Problem solved,

The narrative in this thread was clear about it, but I forgot to change the directory to the web control master folder.
Sorry for the ignorance, thanks for the help.


Yes, I believe that’s true. Docker requires Windows Hypervisor which cannot be installed on Windows Home (maybe there’s a hack, I don’t know, but it’s not permitted out of the box).

I think it’s possible to compile it into an .exe like groundcontrol is, but I’m not sure how to do so. @bar, how do you compile groundcontrol into an .exe?