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WebControl Open Beta


After a lot of testing, I’ve decided to go ahead and release WebControl as an open beta project. A bit of a belated present.

As very brief overview, WebControl is a web-based version of Ground Control primarily designed to run on a Raspberry Pi in a headless environment (headless meaning no screen/keyboard attached). There’s no reason that it won’t run on Windows, MacOS, etc. but the focus right now is on the RPi. The simplest way to get started is to use a fresh SD card and download the pre-built image that @johnboiles had put together. The instructions are on the WebControl github page:

There are two separate programs, WebMCP is a sort of watchdog/control program that allows you to stop, start and update the actual WebControl program. WebMCP can be reached on port 5001 (i.e., and after you start WebControl from that screen, you can reach WebControl on port 5000 ( I recommend the prebuilt image because it has docker installed and configured. We use docker to handle all the updates… there is no need to download/compile new versions of software and we are able to include the latest stock and custom firmwares for the controller in the docker file as well. However, my suggestion is to only upgrade to the custom firmware if you are planning to use optical calibration… otherwise, stick with the stock firmware.

This is “BETA” meaning there’s bound to be some undiscovered bugs to work out. It’s gone through extensive testing and I’ve not found anything that results in catastrophic failures (if I had, it wouldn’t have be in open beta). As with everything, there’s plenty of room for improvements, particularly with instructions. This is what I’ll be working on going forward so feel free to post questions as I can use that as an indicator of where better instructions/clarity is needed. I will be out of town for a few days, so “support” might be a bit sporadic, but I’ll respond as soon as I can. If you find issues, please report them in the github repo.

And as a final note, I’d like to give a special thanks to @johnboiles for helping me through this project. Without his work, there would be no awesome dockers. And also a special thanks to @castoker for really putting webcontrol through its paces… great tester!

Problem with implementing Ground Control on Raspberry Pi

Do you by chance have a ‘quick link’ for -->" Add the appropriate ssh & wpa_supplicant.conf files for your network"? or do I need to search :grimacing:


I used this (or something similar to it). I guess its a good idea to add this to the instructions.

I use notepad++ on default settings and it seemed to work fine, but there’s some talk about having to deal with EOL conversions here:


and for ssh, I just do the “headless” option (Item 3) here: (basically, add a blank file named “ssh” to the boot partition)


Excellent!! I will announce the good news in the newsletter coming up!


thanks for doing this I will definitely give it a try soon.


This is amazing! Very excited to get one set up in the shop!