Wednesday Nov 8th Update is Posted

Let me know if you have questions or thoughts!

Nice! Appreciate the details, pics and manufacturing videos!

Considered using Square nylock captured nuts, rather than Hex? Goal being to minimize risk of over torqued nuts spinning?

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That is a great suggestion. We’re already pretty committed to the hex shape at this point, but square could have been a good option. There are a couple places that they might not have fit, but I’m sure we could have designed around that. The hex ones are nice because they are easy to find replacements for down the road.

The goal with the nylocks is to reduce the chances of them backing off over time from vibrations, which should be the same for either the square or hex shape. You are right that the hex ones are more likely to spin if they are over torqued, but luckily I haven’t had that happen yet.

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