Weight of sled - Affecting the initial bore of router bit?

I made my own Meticulous Z sled. It works very well.

I have not had a chance to use it much and was running the Holey Calibration today. I noticed when the router bit plunges into the panel, the sled initially rises from the surface.

I have weighed the entire sled assembly and it checks in @ 22 pounds, 8 oz.

Any suggestions on a fix? Should I add more weight? If so, how do I determine the location?

I have seen discussion in the past, but am wondering what the ideal weight is?

How do you determine the sled balance (steps)?


could the bit be dull?

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or just one that isn’t suitable for plunging (not all bits are), are there
blades across the entire width of the bottom?

David Lang

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