Router bit insertion - Rigid Router

I am a total newbie to all of this, even routers. Just set up everything and was starting calibration. I’m having trouble with the z-axis. I seems as though I can’t raise the collet high enough for the bit to be totally clear of the material. the depth adjuster is as high as it can go. I’ve raise the unit as far up in the case as I can and I have only about a half inch of the bit or less extending out of the collet. There is a part of the bit’s cutting surface up in the collet.

I’m using the sled and bit that are part of the jumpstart kit.

What am I missing?


youdo not want any of the cutting bit inside the collet, it damages the bit and
may not get a good grip.

I am not familiar with the jumpstart kit.

David Lang

How about a picture of the issue? Easier to understand that way.

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Not the best photographer in the world but here are some photos. I extended the bit so the cutting portion is not in the collet. I wonder if the bit is just too long for this application?

Thanks in advance!


Did you just delete the last picture???

If so, I have no idea how I did it. Let me see if one is missing.

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It looked like the sled hit the screw on the bottom left.

Looks like this one may have been missing.

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OK, seen something that was not there :grin:

My original bits direct from Maslow are 2" long!

Interesting. The one in the kit is 2.5" with 1" of cut length. That one looks like it is a little over a half inch of cut length.

I see the community store list bits at 2.5 inches. Didn’t realize mine were shorter. Do you have the 2.5 inch one in your router, it looks longer, but maybe I’m used to seeing my short ones?

its 2.5 inches

I have a sled made from a table round, so thicker. I can only use up to 3/8 plywood, guess you fixed my problem, buy longer bits! Hopefully someone else will add ideas for you.

your router depth control is not engaged. The piece of metal with orange button needs to go into the rectangular recess in the router to raise it up and down. by pressing the orange button one can move it up and down to get the right location.

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Thank you for the response. That button is spring loaded and will not stay engaged. Am I missing something?

When I press it, I can move the router down but not up.

That was it! I never could pull the router out of the case. It kept getting caught on something. I finally pushed up from the bottom and it slid some more. That tab engaged. Seems to be working.

Thanks all!


Normally you close the clamp and adjust the nut so the router can just move up and down within the base (some people polish and lube it) I saw someone recommend to adjust the bolt with the clamp open (not using the clamp). Did you adjust the tension?

if the router is getting caught, you need to get some 400 or 600 grit sand paper and smooth it out, then apply graphite or moly dry lube to keep it sliding well.

@kayaker37 I did. I loosened it up and it moves fine now. Thanks for thinking about that.