What about using existing industrial fittings for the sled ring?


might be easier and cheaper than making rings from scratch


That is a cool idea! We were looking for something like that early on to prototype with and that is a good find. I wish that flange was on the outside instead of the inside. We’re pretty committed to having the rings made at this point (as in they are already made :wink:) but it is always good to keep an eye out for alternatives!

I like the idea of having the weight in the ring, it’d lower the CoG for the sled maybe mitigating the need for bricks. Got me looking into ring bearings and I came across slewing rings:
What’s the base diameter of the Rigid?
Reminded me of this thread, but these are still pricey.

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Sorry that was the bearing link, wanted to show the rings available also, probably a lot cheaper, definitely solid!

you would need rings over 7" (potentially over 12" for some routers, in part it
depends how thick things get with two of them and whatever brackets you have to
attach the chains)

The ring or the linkage kits are FAR cheaper.

I agree, but I have my small (Katsu/Makita copy) router trimmer, and it’s footprint is really small by comparison. I think I could probably find a slewing ring that would work with it. One of the websites I found last night offered samples! I might have a measure up, and if it’ll fit, see if I can charm their sales team into providing me a sample to use for the small trimmer. I forsee having a few router/sled configurations eventually, and would like a small unit for finer engraving work in the middle of the work area.


The reason why I’ve look into spindles. I look allot into this design and figured that the router would tilt inducing a drag from the vacuum hose some inaccuracy would appear . I still have the dream of a third inner circle that lets the router stay straight.

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