Ring linkage bearing hitting handle bolt

Looking for some feedback to see if others are experiencing the same issue I’m seeing.

I have the R2200 router, and have been trying out a few linkage kits to see how they compare. In this instance, I’m using the new ring from the most recent batch of kits. I’m finding that at the upper portion of the work area, the bearings are actually hitting the R2200 handle bolts, per this picture:

As you can see in the picture, I have the handles removed from the router, but am using the stock bolts to hold some rubber bands to address the Z-axis backlash issue. These bolts are interfering with the operation of the ring for me.

I am using weights instead of bricks, so my ring position may be a bit different than some others, so I’m wondering if others have been seeing the same issue.

My easy fix would be to find some smaller bolts, but it looks like I would need some pretty thin bolt heads to squeeze in there.

I used a couple of small eyelet I screwed into the sled to secure the bungee.


Easy workaround, I may just go that route too!

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I used a bungee cord with the hooks in the holes no screws.

I was planning on raising the ring so the bearings would be above them. I have the ridged as well with the handles off. Is having the ring as close to the sled recommended? Don’t know yet how this plays into balancing the sled.

the ring should be at a height so that when you hang it in mid-air by the
chains, it is balanced, (or top tipping slightly towards teh sled side)

This should result in the chains being pretty close to parallel to the


Is the radius of the ring critical? Many of the custom rings that are posted vary in radius from almost 9" to 5 " .

The radius is not critical, the software can accept any value. From a physics stand point the smaller the ring, the more freely it will rotate (or really the less any friction in the bearings will matter)

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Had same issue yesterday. Used zip ties with h screw hole, mounted to sled, to hold bungee. Bungee was pulled too much, causing router to pop lock and fling towards board. Switched to black file folder rubber bands


No, the calibration step figures out it’s actual dimensions.

There is some thought that smaller diameter rings will work a bit better because
they get the rollers to move easier, but you need to test things for your setup

If you have the new stock ring I’d recommend checking out this thread: Thoughts on sanding ring interior face

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