What are the changes in the shield from 1.1 to 1.2?

I’m curious what the changes were between the shields?

Thank you

Much movement of I/O pin assignments. I think these are the pertinent images, concentrate on the Arduino IO section.



@blurfl, what CAD are you doing this in - KiCad?
I downloaded from the Wiki, and tried Eagle (no-go) and I know KiCad uses same extensions… maybe lots of packages also do - so I’m just asking :slight_smile:

The images above are pictures, .png format for viewing only. The .brd and .sch files are in Eagle. Not sure I remember which version, the current version should work with them.
The Eagle files for the present version are in the Community Garden, in the PowerDistribution subfolder. One could use git-fu to roll back to earlier versions. The files for the TLE5206 PowerControl boards are in the garden as well.


Thanks @blurfl !
I was looking in the wrong place … To the gardens!

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