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What is domestic for Maslow?


At it says

Where will you ship Maslow?
Anywhere with an address! For the Maslow CNC Base Machine Kit, domestic shipping is $13 and international is $70. For just the Z-Axis Add On, domestic shipping is $6.50 and international is $35. Please keep in mind that if receiving a Kit internationally you will have to pay the import tax imposed by your country in order for the package to actually be released to you. This tax is different in every country, but is some percentage of the total cost of the goods you are importing.

But there is no indication which country Maslow is from, so domestic has no meaning. Even the Contact Us page has no physical location mentioned.


domestic is USA


That must be disappointing for the Antarctica customers that thought they would get $13 shipping. In hindsight, the dollar sign should have been a clue,.


If they are US Antarctic members, they could benefit from the APO services, which would give them $13 shipping


Oh no, it’s Australian dollars :wink:


We’re in Portland Oregon! Come visit us!


Well, you are near Paul and Robin at, home of my favorite arduino compatible. I’ll drop by if I ever get to that corner of the US.