Duty & Fees for Maslow to Canada

Just received my Maslow kit in Canada! YAY. Roll on 5 PM.

Just an FYI for anyone in Canada ordering, i got the complete kit and the Z axis, and the Duty I had to pay was 39.xx something. $9.95 fee and GST at $29 something. Not too bad. Delivered to SK.

Also a tip, once the package from USPS hits Canada, you can put the same tracking number into Canada Post tracking to get a lot more detailed tracking info and delivery estimate. Although the delivery estimate for me was pretty much - Reached your local post office today, expect delivery today or tomorrow.


I really appreciate you posting these details and especially about the USPS trackering numbers working on Canada Post. I’ve shipped and received a lot of stuff professionally in the last 10 years and I never knew that. Would have helped me with a recent personal package I was waiting on for almost a month!


Order placed. USD$70 for shipping from Oregon to BC though, yikes. There has got to be a more cost effective option? It was the same to ship to remote areas of Russia or Romania as to Canada.

As a small shop I know @bar and @hannah can’t juggle multiple shipping options but when time allows that is one to look in to. Pro tip - if you ask nicely Fedex will usually give you about 44% off list if you ship regularly with them and they are great to work with and very fast. Might be something to consider, not sure how your package costs would compare but wanted to pass that along.


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