What size materials can the Maslow work with? Desk CNC?

Hi folks, I’d appreciate it if you could share some time with me. I’m looking to build some rectangular boxes out of cutting boards, and the cutting boards are no bigger than maybe 18" by 12". I was doing some research on the Maslow and I read that the Maslow was probably not great for smaller materials, is that true? Should I go for the Shapeoko instead and starve myself for the next 3 months? Any other tool I should look at instead? Thanks guys!

how many of these boxes are you looking to build? What is the box size? cuting boards are HDPE Natural Plastic, which is realtively cheap depending on what thickness you buy. I think last time I bought it was about $70 for a 4x8 sheet that is 1/4" thick from piedmont plastics. That would be the best way to go. buying precut cutting boards is going to much more expensive.

In addition many plastic suppliers will precut the sheet into whatever size you want, (with cnc saws, only stright cuts) so if it is nothing more than a square box, you dont’ even need a cnc machine, you just need to weld to screw it together.

if you are looking at making a ton of them, you can get the same thing form china for about half the price.

Just 1 box, 18x12x12. They have cutouts that I will be flush mounting other smaller designs in, and I don’t trust my ability with a router to get perfect straight lines. Not using plastic, actually using wood and getting an 8’x4’ seems to be more expensive in both size and cost than the small little cutting boards. Thank you for the response, much appreciated

I have a shaper origin, for small stuff it seems more practical. not sure if they are selling them right now, might be making a new batch?

Looks really interesting, thank you for pointing me in the shaper’s direction