Will this work for me?

I’m new to the CNC world and want to try it out. I plan on making wood toys (small teether/rattles and some large ride on style). Is the metal Maslow right for me? The biggest attraction is the great community support and the low price tag. I was looking at the Shaper origin because I like the versatility but it’s out of budget. Any input is appreciated!


Depends on your desired build methods, the 2D nature of either choice dictates some things with regard to build plans/methods.

If you are choosing between the two, just FYI I discarded the idea of the shaper origin when someone pointed out you have to hold on to the darn thing the whole time.

If it were me knowing what I do now, the Maslow or Metal Maslow would be my choice.


Thanks for the input! Yeah that fact and the fact that you have to constantly buy special tape makes that option too inconvenient and expensive. Most of the items that I want to make will be 2D.

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Yes! The Maslow will be amazing for building large ride-on toys! :laughing: As long as what you want to build can be assembled from interlocking flat pieces :wink: You will certainly need to put in a lot of effort to dial in the machine for accurate cutting of small items, although, you will probably want to do that anyways so your interlocking parts fit well :+1:

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