Which coupler for a Ryobi?

Does anyone know which Z-axis kit’s “Shaft Coupler Preference” for a Ryobi Model # R1631k 1.5 HP router.
Would you advise me to get the standard Ridgid R22002, 8mm or 10mm adapter for this model Ryobi router to use with the Z-Axis kit?

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Honestly, Ridgid and Ryobi are both owned by TTI and the model you reference looks like a value engineered version of the Ridgid. I looked up the two parts and it looks like the Height Adjustment Screws are very very similar.

Ridgid - P/N 671757001
Ryobi - P/N 641124001

It looks like the only difference is that the top of the shaft has had the diameter reduced on the Ridgid. I think if you bought the Ryobi, you probably have a few options to just use the stock coupler. Reduce the diameter of the top part of the shaft to fit, or buy the Ridgid part for ~$10. If you reduce the shaft diameter it doesn’t really need to be terribly accurate as the router base aligns the screw and the coupler has some “give”. I would give it a try.

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Thank you for your reply to my question.

What you advise is to get the standard Ridgid Z-Axis coupler and not the 10mm or 8mm ones?

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Yes, that is my recommendation. I believe the 2 shafts to be nearly identical between the Ryobi and the Ridgid and that is a 1/2 (12.7mm) shaft. Just means that the 8 and 10mm would be too small anyways leaving you in the same scenario as before which is to reduce the shaft diameter on the Ryobi.

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Thank you for your reply, I am going ahead and purchase the Z-axis kit with the recommended specs for my router.

I appreciate your time in helping me.

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While I have a few routers, I also thought about using the Ryobi for a starter and the Ridgid for final as the Ryobi was a much cheaper unit and easier to replace. THANKS for sharing your thoughts, research here. I just ordered my kit and look forward to rocking and routing! :slight_smile: