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Shaft Coupler for R2202



I’m assembling my Maslow CNC kit from MakerMade and it’s going well.

One issue I came across:

Z-axis shaft coupler goes well on motor but not on my rigid r2202 router. My digital calipers tell me router height adjuster diameter is 9.5mm while coupler is only 8mm (wider opening). In all the assembly instructions it appears you can slide it right on to one another, but I’m missing 1.5mm.

Is there a trick or did they send me the wrong coupler?


Same thing happened to me. I use a 3/8 inch drill bit in a drill press to make the hole bigger. Hope that helps


I do have a Rigid. And for me the coupler did fit right on. But it is possible the router manufacturer under the Rigid brand (RYOBI) proceeded with some design changes (production optimisation?).


same thing happened to me and maker made sent the wrong one and sent me a new one next day air and it worked fine

#5 also has some of the ones we used to sell for sale


If anyone that bought our kit has trouble with their coupler, just email me at and we will mail you a replacement coupler.