Wood thickness question

Hey all, seriously looking at the Maslow for work. Im a boutique drum manufacturer. We manufacture our own shells. My question is this: what’s the thinnest material this will work on? Building whats known as a " ply" drum shell we stack incremental lengths of very thin ply wood. on average… 1/32" thick. Being so thin, I know it will have to lay flatter than what is shown in demos. Any feedback would be welcome. TIA

Preface, this is really the ideal realm for a laser cutter.

The thinnest I have cut is 1/8. The machine can really do anything. It is the fixturing that is going to be difficult for you. Veneers at 1/32 sound very paper like, you will need to fix the veneer to the work surface so it doesn’t lift up into the bit when cutting. Tabs are a potential solution. If you can use some sort of releasable adhesive spray such as a 3M product that would probably be even better.

Depending on how large your drums are, the Maslow may be a bit overkill for you. One if its main features is large scale items. Smaller items can usually be made on similarly priced machines with better success.