Z axis issues out of nowhere

I was able to cut the other day. Still couldn’t get all the way through, but we were close enough. Went out of town and came back and the Z axis is not moving the router anymore. I was able to cut before and it moved just fine, so I’m not really sure what the issue is. The tab with the orange button doesn’t move up and down anymore. Any help would be much appreciated.

Here is what happens on raise: https://youtu.be/xF6FYoSN7-w

Does the same thing on lower:

I’ve checked and rechecked tightness of the screws, etc. the screw in the latch is loosened as well.

Is it possible that the quick adjust thing is stuck not engaging the screw? That would be my first check. I can’t tell how you might check that but that was one of my concerns with using that screw for Z axis adjustments. The only other thing I could think of is to make sure that the body of the router moves freely so that the quick adjust isn’t being overpowered and moved out of the way instead of adjusting.

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That could be the issue…the router moves easily, and the bunjee I have on there worked great the last time I cut. I’m thinking that maybe it’s the little groove inside the housing. I saw on another thread that filing the groove to make it straight could solve it. I’m not 100% sure yet, but I’ll go get a file after work and see if that fixes it. Fingers crossed

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The only other possibility I saw from your video is that maybe the “nut” traveled too far down and came off the threads. It is hard to tell from the video, and I don’t have a Ridgid router, so I’m guessing but that is the other thing I saw that I would check.

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Do a search in the forum for “orange” to find about similar issues caused by damage to the Ridgid mechanism, ways to prevent it, places to buy (inexpensive) replacements, and even 3D printer files to make your own. I think you’re a ‘member of the club’ :grin::grin:

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Thank you! That means a lot. I’ll dig in and see what I can find :dancer:

Ok so I’m not entirely sure my orange tab has sacrificed itself. In taking everything apart, the tab seems ok. I’ve decided to put a bronze bushing and washer on. If I also add a zip tie like I’ve seen in other threads, is this going to be excessive? I can’t be 100% that the bushing is going to fix my problem…it’s in the garage drying now

Also- another question that may or may not be related. Do I need to have the orange tab engaged into the router when I cut? I have read contradicting posts, and am pretty confused about that.

I’m not sure about the bushing, washer and zip tie (I have will have to look into the Ridgid Z-axis threads more). I haven’t used the Ridgid, but the button appears to be a quick release, allowing for rapid changes of the Z-axis without that connection interfering (so the screw doesn’t turn, but the router moves). The ideal situation, since we are automating this, would be for a nut to replace the orange button removing the quick release feature while providing consistent adjustment. I would imagine the button is pressed in to release, and spring loaded to return to be engaged with the screw. If there is a spring behind the button you could probably replace that with something solid so the button always stays engaged with the screw. I’m only guessing since I don’t have one, but that’s what it looks like to me in photos.

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yes, the orange tab needs to mesh with the lead screw as that is how the Z is
driven. If the orange tab is worn/broken there is nothing to cause the router to

order several, or 3d print replacements.

David Lang

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thanks for the info! I’m going to mess with it tomorrow. I’ll order more oranges as well just in case.

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Do you have a 3D printer?


Thank you

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No I don’t have one yet :frowning:

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