Z-Axis Motor Specs

I’ve added the datasheet to the GitHub repository here. It should help with finding a comparable motor, but it does not list the gear ratio so we may still need to take one apart for full documentation


And if it’s like the chain motors you can’t trust the specs anyway.

It’s like the Chinese electronics where they grind off the chip numbers. There’s no real protection against another manufacturer copying your devices so I guess it’s a form of protection against that

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In playing with my Maslow this evening, I decided to do a quick and dirty RPM test for the Z-Axis motor. I filmed the motor turning 3 times, or 12mm on the Rigid router base. I flipped through the frames to count when it hit the same exact point on the mark as when it started. I count 14.3 seconds for all three revolutions. That gives me ~12.6 rpm from the gearbox.

On a side note, now I know why there’s such a gear reduction. 12mm in a little over 3 revolutions is a lot of torque that the motor needs to be outputting.


How about just putting up the Z-axis motor on the store?

It is, right?


I guess it’s the whole kit instead of just the motor, but I can’t imagine it being much use without the cable to plug it into the board and the bracket to mount it


I am checking if my z-axis motor that i got from the maslow poeple is troubling for us.
So i am thinking to get a new one…
Is this the correct one ?

are you in usa? Amazon.com sells some.
the one you listed will work, but an encoder must be added to the end of it with 3ppr.
stock z axis motor was only 12rpm, most people seem to be going to a faster one in the 50 to 100rpm range.

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Thank you…
Yeah we are in Holland << Europe.

So this person at aliexpress asks more details for the motor.
I used that picture from the other person in this thread.
Is the ET-SGM37F-1222 with a gear ratio of 90:1 correct to ask for prcing at alixpress… ?

well that would depend on what router you are using and what kind of z axis you have with what pitch. if you are using the Makita 0700 or similar clone palm router then 12rpm might be fine since the z axis is controlled by a pretty course screw. you would have to buy a Chinese c beam z axis and clamp or 3d print a stage for the motor to direct turn the routers z axis.

like I said before something in the 50 to 100rpm range is what people are moving towards using a 2mm pitch lead screw.

the default zaxis on the original maslow has a lot of room for improvement. There are many people that are making their own improved z axis.

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So i did the same thing… backed it out all the way on accident and stripped a gear in the motor drive.

Got a new motor with 100Rpm output and 100:1 gear ratio. Fits everything fine… what do I change in maslow settings and what do I change in gcode? There’s a z-axis pitch, but it seems more like one of the gcode settings like from http://marlinfw.org/docs/gcode/M092.html

https://www.pololu.com/category/116/37d-mm-metal-gearmotors this is the motor.

NVM, found it under advanced settings -> Z Axis Encoder Steps per Revolution

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I guess when you can freely turn the shaft of the z axis motor, it’s time to order a replacement? I’m going to give the one you posted a try.

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I have not been disapointed!

What did you do to make the connection to the maslow’s cable? I see it has a soldered on pigtail.

edit: nevermind… I just discovered some parts I recently ordered that arrived today have a handful of female connectors that I can solder onto the pigtail… sometimes things just work out.

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I know this is a little older thread but looking for some help.

I set up the maslow and everything seems to be working but the z-axis fails the sensor test when I run it. The z-axis moves when I tell it too but no matter what I tell it to do it always changes direction. Meaning if I tell it to go up it turns one way, and if I tell it to go up again, it will change directions and rotate the opposite direction. I am using a motor from Amazon which other have used successfully as far as I have seen

I have hooked up a X/Y axis motor to the z axis lead and it does not seem to have the problem and behaves normally. I did change the step count based on the encoder and gear ratio of the z-axis motor I purchased and have looked through all the settings that I can see would make a difference but, alas, it still does the same thing. Anyone had this issue before?

I am not sure of what to do to solve this issue. An ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Welcome to the Forum!
Double postings make it more difficult for us to help and more difficult for you to gather the answers from different places. :wink:
Your motor wiring:

Standard Z-motor: (sadly the image @bar has uploaded is to smal to be clear to read, same on github):

If i guess the image correct, it looks like Motor +/- are switched as well as sensor Vcc/GND
No warranty…


Yes I did notice the wires were switched and I did make the change before I hooked it up, and sorry about the double post, I’m new to the forum thing. :grimacing:

I did play around with the pulse setting to see if the motor would rotate different amounts if I change things up and it does. It just changes directions every time it is given a command regardless of what that command is. :triumph:

I thought maybe the motor encoder was bad or something and bought another motor and it does the same thing.

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You have got something strange going on that is worth a separate topic in the troubleshooting category.
It’s likely that you will get far more attention this way, then under ‘z-motor specs’.
Choose a speaking and catching title like “z-motor constant changing directions” and add as much information as you can about your setup in the post.
In that topic I would ask some question like “is this is without any router and vac running?”

Started a new topic here: