Z-Axis Motor Specs

Does anyone know the specs of the stock motors in the Z-Axis Kit?
I’m presently looking @this motor since I’m open sourcing all my parts.

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This is it: https://m.alibaba.com/product/60662670600/ET-SGM37F-E-CNC-machine-12V.html
Thanks and please share if you find something comparable.

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I’ve added the link above (spec sheet) to the Z-axis Wiki page.

Hi, can anyone tell me / teach me what or how to determine the z-axis encoder steps per revolution for this motor w encoder?

@clintloggins, It is 64 steps per rev.

Hah… easy enough!!

Isn’t that at the motor shaft? Wouldn’t there be 270 x 64 = 17280 cycles per revolution of the output shaft?


Wow wish I wouldve known before…set it to 64 and just stripped the screw adjustment housing on the router!!

Thanks Blurfl! That looks like thats it, heading to Home Depot:/

Is that a Ridgid 2200 router? I’ve stripped that on mine, too :smile:

@clintloggins, @blurfl,

Could one of you please document this problem, and how to prevent and/or correct it here?

It would also be helpful to cross-link the appropriate spare part on the wiki here (USA) and here (EU) .

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@clintloggins did that motor on Amazon work out for you on the z axis? And did you have to modify something in the code?

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Still using it :+1:
You will need to change Maslow z axis number in settings


FYI - that links to a restricted thread for me :frowning:

Thank you

@Bee sorry, that was a msg w Bar


No worries - thanks for giving me a peek at it.

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The link on the wiki for the Z-axis motor specs leads to a dead page. I found a PDF using the motor specs here: f02.s.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1rBTrGXXXXXabXFXX.PRXFXXXI.pdf but I’m not sure if any of these are the same as the one in the kit. I think the last page is the correct one, but I’m not sure of the model number.

Anyone more savvy with this motor want to check to make sure this is the right one? We should probably update the wiki to either have the specs embedded in the page or have the PDF in github itself so that we’re not relying on an external link which can get changed on us.

I’m trying to figure out the RPM after the gearbox, that way I can plan out a Z-axis that uses more ideal feedrates.

I will contact ETONM and ask for a data sheet to put in GitHub


We should probably do a reality check of the gear ratio for this motor, too.