Z Axis seems Weirdly Slow (0.01 mm a sec)

So I’ve been cutting some things for a couple months and left it dormant for a month or 2 while waiting for a good time to do a plywood trip. So I fired it back up and noticed the Zaxis running a lot slower than I remember. Nothing in my tool chain has changed I don’t think.

The Zaxis moves imperceptdly slow at almost 0.01 mm per second.

When using the direct zaxis control in ground control it moves at a much more reasonable speed where you can visually see it move. Probably at about 1mm a second.

Is the cutting zaxis speed really that slow and I’ve just haven’t been paying attention? I swear I have vague memories of seeing the zaxis move the same speed as it would as the zaxis control panel, but it’s been enough time I don’t remember anymore.

Any thoughts would be great!

Do you have a feedrate for Z in your gcode?

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Yep, I use kir:moto out of onshape, usually it gives me the followin as it did on the code i’m trying to run

M6 T1
G0 X417.476 Y-359.2213 Z4.0
G1 Z-6.35 F800
G1 X432.1703 Y-351.0724
G1 X446.3131 Y-346.5507
G1 X457.1819 Y-343.7558
G1 X471.7225 Y-336.9188
G1 Y-334.8459
G1 X487.2283 Y-325.2766
G1 X491.0319
G1 X497.6792 Y-326.872
G1 X506.5615 Y-333.2672
G1 X509.8445 Y-341.8487

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So it’s not in the g-code, F800 is fast. You are in mm with your file?
Did you upload the latest release firmware and using same version GC?

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Ahh good call, i’m still on 1.16v good thought! thanks!


Let us know how it goes.


Thanks!!! It works now, the feed rate in general seems faster now too. I should’ve remembered, when in doubt always update…