$100 rebate off Malsow Kits

After rebate price is $480 which includes the router. Great Value.


I love the offer, though i think you should be on spindle already, as hard- and software(soon) allow for speed control via g-code. No offence. Just my thoughts.
I would need a Due motor shield in the future. Have the Due board and not paying $149 plus shipping to get 2 parts where i only need one.

Kind regards, Gero

Iā€™m watching the due board and new softare developments, might have some due boards in a month or so. due to 25% chinese tarriffs the cheap 500w spindles actually cost about 2x what we can get makita routers for so for now to keep costs down we are staying with routers.

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I have the original 2 chip DUE motor shield for sale if you are interested.


Thanks to all the new customers that ordered the kit. I really hope you get it set up and post some youtube videos.

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