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Metal Maslow kit $600 ships Nov. Respond below if interested


Hi I will be offering a Metal Maslow kit for sale Beginning in November 2018. We have an initial order of parts to make 100 kits. We will have a mailing list sign up soon. You can also private message me your email address to be added. Our preliminary website is at

Main Differences Between Discontinued Maslow and New Metal Maslow Kit. The following is included:

  1. Makita RT0701C router with 1 year warranty. ( will also sell without router)
  2. C-Beam Axis with faster Z axis motor mount and clamp for above router. Dewalt 611 can also be supported if a different clamp is used. Both of these routers are widely available in Europe and other countries in 220v.
  3. Laser Cut Steel Base plate so ring, router, z axis etc. lines up exactly. Thicker rotation ring.
  4. Longer 14’ plated #25 chain (very rust resistant) which can be used to widen the motor spacing.
  5. TLE5206 Power Control Board with AUX pins and fan cooled aluminum enclosure.
  6. Pulleys for counter weighting the slack chain side instead of elastic cord.
  7. Arduino controlled power switch & aux cable for automatic on/off of router (One should still never leave machine unattended)
  8. AUX cable and metal plate for Zeroing the z axis
  9. Larger 12V power supply with two extra 6amp leads for powering optional led shop lights or other gadgets.
  10. Some starter router bits so you can get cutting as soon as possible.

Things that are the same.

Same main motors to move the sled. You will still have to use your own pc and buy accessories like dust collector, plywood, etc.

Same wooden frame and over all basic use & functionality. Accuracy and repeatability might be slightly better due to above improvements, but don’t expect some quantum leap in performance.

Overall cost will be about the same, however due to ongoing trade war with China prices are expected to rise in 2019. By $30 or more.

Old kit was $410 plus the recommended Rigid router ($175-$195) put total at about $600.

New metal maslow kit will be about $600 as well which includes the Makita Router and a bunch more listed above.

Payment will be online via secure credit card transaction.

Shipping via the US Post office flat rate shipping in USA. Please send private message with email if interested.
I will be updating this top thread as more info becomes available so no need to read all posts below.

Would love to buy a kit... Will availability resume this year?

I would buy this kit. Not mentioned, are the Left and Right motor cables included?


Yes all cables included. They are 100” long for extra reach Incase one wants wider motor spacing


Hey @Metalmaslow!

Your package looks like a real winner! Having a presiion solution to all the sled / router mouning / Z axis issues is a real contribution to the community. I would be interested in the items 1, 2, 3, 7 & 8 with the faster Z axis motor.

Best of luck!


This is very attractive.

Is the full ring system included?

Does the steel base plate ride across the substrate or is an additional plastic layer or other laminate to be attached?

Are you limited to only offering the Makita bundled, or would the Dewalt 611 be a possible upgrade bundle?


Ooo, very tempting. If I could sell my current kit then I might spring for it.

PS, those look like great upgrades. Would love to see pictures of the pieces.


Welcome, @Metalmaslow! It’s obvious you have been watching the forums to know the improvements needed to improve performance. That kit looks attractive, and my guess is that you will get plenty of business. I’ll throw a few questions out:

  1. Where will the kits ship from? I’m thinking about many of the issues some of our users have had with customs.
  2. Do you plan on offering pieces from your kit for people who already have a Maslow but want to upgrade something?

One additional comment: Having a kit will fill an important need in the community. People will definitely like you for offering a good kit for a reasonable price. People will love you if you contribute in other ways to the community, whether it is as a regular contributor to the forums discussions, or offering donated kits to schools.


Welcome to the forum! Looks like a great offer.

A few questions.

  • Has a prototype of this sled setup been built and tested?
  • Is a provision for additional weight on the sled planed?
  • How high is the C-Beam Axis?
  • What motor is used for Z-Axis?

Pictures or renderings would help to visualize the sled and Z setup.


I would be all over it if I hadn’t recently bought one of the last kits from the Maslow site.


Great timing, I’ll need another Maslow and like the improvement description. Be interested in a metal sled, too.

Does this have @bar 's blessing? Anything kicked back to the original developers?


I’ve been in contact with Bar, he helped with supplier info. Nothing is being kicked back.

Gero we are currently waiting on some laser cut pieces to get back to us but will have more information soon
Z axis will be 200 mm tall and the z-axis motor will be similar to the one already used but have a faster rpm.

7lbs for router and z axis.
The steel base plate weighs about 10 pounds and will come with 2 steel bar counterweight 4lbs each that one can bolt on.

Jwolter kits ship from North Carolina USA
We will initially start off on selling just the kits and then hopefully start offering parts.
The parts will be priced such that it is more economical to buy a kit then to piece together one together yourself.

We do hope to donate kits to schools at a reduced price.
This community is really great and honestly all of the improvement ideas were taken from this community. I am more of a business marketing person then a CNC guru but We will be making the laser cut files open source for the base and other components.

PhilMagic. A Ring system will be included and we are going to recommend putting plastic underneath the metal base.
If you want to use a Dewalt 611 you can buy the kit without the Makita router and then buy the Dewalt at your local hardware store or online


I have both routers. I prefer the Makita because of it’s wider speed range.

It also has a cleaner over all build.

You may need a reduction collet -

The Dewalt has more history, it seem a bit clunky, both have serviceable brushes.

Neither are in the same class as the Current Ridgid R22002 as far as the power at the End Mill.

Just my 2 Cents

Thank you


I am interested. Just found Maslow and was really bummed to see it’s not really available. Thanks for picking up the ball and running with it.


I would be super interested in this kit, I would rather have the option to buy without a router or the ridged router but could live with the non router option. but yes would buy this kit.


I would buy the kit if I could get it without the router. I have 2 of the ridgids so id preferably be able to make one of those work.


hello team maslow, from Berlin.
I would be interested to purchase a maslow kit
would you deliver to Berlin / Germany?
best regards Patrick


International shipping will be $70 to $100 more we are trying to get better rates. But due to weight will be difficult.

One can mount a r22002 router on our laser cut base but you will need to use the original z axis kit with shims and bungee cords


Just to be clear, the sled will have laser cut hole pattern for the R22002 router?


That is the current plan hopefully nothing will change after testing


I am intrested in this kit but would like see pictures or a rendering of it so we can see exactly what we are getting. Hate to spend $600 on something sight unseen. Is thos possible?