Complete Metal Maslow for Sale - Arkansas

Hi all. It’s been a bit since I’ve posted on here, and it’s with sadness that I am coming to list my Maslow up for grabs. It has been a great experience and a great machine, I’m just moving from 2.5d milling to a true 3d machine. I’ve got several options for selling:

Everything - $600 - Metal Maslow kit, Makita Router, Raspberry Pi 3b+ loaded with WebControl, and my custom steel frame. Obviously I can’t ship this, so you’d have to pick up in central Arkansas. The frame is welded 1.5" steel square tubing. It has a 13’ top beam (I had motors spaced at 12’), it has a work area when skirted of 61" x 109", it is 93" floor to top, and its on casters to move around the shop easy. Oh yeah, and its heavy… (Link to my build Calibration Woes - #2 by Spenc)

Everything but frame - $500 - Metal Maslow kit, Makita Router, & Raspberry Pi 3b+ loaded with WebControl

Metal Maslow kit - $400 - Metal Maslow kit, Makita Router

Metal Maslow kit no Router - $300

I would gladly sell any of the above options. If I don’t sell the frame, it’ll become a steel shop table for another cnc build in the future. I won’t sell the pi separate, I am only offering it because I know how hard they are to get right now and I know how much nicer it is to have a pi for WebControl. If you don’t need it, I’ll gladly hang on to it for a future project too. Feel free to make me a decent offer if you think my prices are off, I didn’t know exactly what to list it for. I’ll cover flat rate shipping if you are in the US.

I have sold the frame locally to a fellow maslowian, but everything else remains. Feel free to make a reasonable offer!

Bump! Since the frame sold and I repurposed my rpi into an octoprint hub for my printers, I’m dropping the price to $300 for the entire metal Maslow kit. Same kit I got from him, including router and spare parts I didn’t use in my build. It’s all just sitting on a shelf in the shop right now gathering dust, I’d rather see it being used to make dust!

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