Complete Metal Maslow for Sale - Arkansas

Hi all. It’s been a bit since I’ve posted on here, and it’s with sadness that I am coming to list my Maslow up for grabs. It has been a great experience and a great machine, I’m just moving from 2.5d milling to a true 3d machine. I’ve got several options for selling:

Everything - $600 - Metal Maslow kit, Makita Router, Raspberry Pi 3b+ loaded with WebControl, and my custom steel frame. Obviously I can’t ship this, so you’d have to pick up in central Arkansas. The frame is welded 1.5" steel square tubing. It has a 13’ top beam (I had motors spaced at 12’), it has a work area when skirted of 61" x 109", it is 93" floor to top, and its on casters to move around the shop easy. Oh yeah, and its heavy… (Link to my build Calibration Woes - #2 by Spenc)

Everything but frame - $500 - Metal Maslow kit, Makita Router, & Raspberry Pi 3b+ loaded with WebControl

Metal Maslow kit - $400 - Metal Maslow kit, Makita Router

Metal Maslow kit no Router - $300

I would gladly sell any of the above options. If I don’t sell the frame, it’ll become a steel shop table for another cnc build in the future. I won’t sell the pi separate, I am only offering it because I know how hard they are to get right now and I know how much nicer it is to have a pi for WebControl. If you don’t need it, I’ll gladly hang on to it for a future project too. Feel free to make me a decent offer if you think my prices are off, I didn’t know exactly what to list it for. I’ll cover flat rate shipping if you are in the US.

I have sold the frame locally to a fellow maslowian, but everything else remains. Feel free to make a reasonable offer!

Bump! Since the frame sold and I repurposed my rpi into an octoprint hub for my printers, I’m dropping the price to $300 for the entire metal Maslow kit. Same kit I got from him, including router and spare parts I didn’t use in my build. It’s all just sitting on a shelf in the shop right now gathering dust, I’d rather see it being used to make dust!

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I am interested in the remaining kit. How do I contact you?


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Hi, just send me a DM and we can discuss. Thanks!

Seems I don’t have direct message privileges yet, as just found and joined the board.

Will do so once I am able.


(need more likes to get access)

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If not all ready sold, I’d like to buy it. First name is John and then Andrew, then last is Justice… all together without any spaces at google email. @Spenc In Russellville AR now

if it lets it post my number is 870 740 7957

Andy, I’m going to let Anthony have first choice at it since he messaged me first. If he decides not to get it you will be next in line for it.

Andy, I would remove your phone number from here. This is a free public forum, and the spammers will take that number and eat it up. Best to send that type of info as a DM.

Sold! Hopefully we will see @Anthony_Lopresti with a cool setup and lots of new projects soon!

Thanks Spenc. She has arrived already, and I hope to have her up and running by the New Year.

After I make all the mistakes I need to, one of the project goals will be an LED backlit Turtle sign with the lights glowing from under the perimeter and the separated segmented shell pieces. Someone in the next town over has an Anchor lit like I envision this up on his house that I am envious of, and the wife loves Turtles. We have a nice blank space high up on our house (named Turtlepoint obviously) for it to be placed and seen readily.


Which turtle? All 4? Or just one Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Raphael, or Donatello?

Either way a back lit ninja turtle is going to look great!

Obviously Leonardo!

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That would be my pic as well. Lol. Have fun with your new toy!