2018 Unopened Maslow CNC kit with Z-axis for sale - SOLD


I have a brand-new (ordered in June 2018)/unopened Maslow CNC kit for sale. Kit includes the z-axis. I originally bought it as my first CNC, but ended up going with an MPCNC. I moved and had some family things going on at the time so I never got around to setting it up. I don’t remember if I even opened the package or if it still has the original packing tape on it. Either way, it is completely unused and new.

Here is a screenshot of the original order for reference.

I’m located in central Illinois and can ship anywhere in the U.S. Buyer pays shipping.

Looking for $400 or best offer, PM me for questions/offers.


UPDATE! How about $350? Make me an offer!

Im interested in your kit if you still have it for sale. Do you know if yours is the newer kit with the metal ring that attaches the chains to the sled? Thanks in advance.

Hi, it’s still available. I believe it does have the metal ring but I’ll have to check. I’ll try to look and get back to you ASAP.

It does have the metal ring, I just opened the box for the first time ever and it’s included on the list of parts and I checked and made sure it was physically there as well.

Can you show a pic of the contents in the box as well as the Z-axis too please? Im actually located in Central IL. also.

Sorry, didn’t see that you wanted a picture of the z-axis till just now. Here are the pictures I took earlier. Z-axis should be the one for the Ridgid router.

Not sure what all entails the z-axis, but here’s the motor and coupler. I’m sure it’s all in there since 2 days ago was the first time it’s been opened since it was shipped. Let me know if you need any more photos.

Still interested?

How much to ship to Lakeland Florida?

Looks like $15

Anyone interested?

Yes Im still interested. Thank you a ton for the pics. I would have got back to you sooner but I got busy and totally spaced it. Are you able to go any lower on the price?

Make me an offer!

Do you know which version this is?

No, I’m not very familiar with the different versions. I know I purchased it June 2018 and I bought it from Maslow so it was the current version. It came with the metal ring and a z-axis for the Ridgid router. Someone more familiar with the different generations would probably be able to tell by the date and the packing list I have a photo of above. Sorry I can’t help more!

Whats the best price you could do shipped to 30066?


It looks like the current “classic” kit (which appears to be the same as my version) from Makermade with the z-axis is $499.

Ill do 350 if you still got it

Thanks for the offer. I’m working with someone else at the moment, but your offer is next in line. I’ll let you know when I hear back from the other person.