Selling Maslow kit with z-axis and optional router

Update: I have posted this on eBay for buyer’s (and seller’s) peace of mind.

Bought the full kit (ring, z-axis, motors, controller, etc) in July 2018, but between kids, my job, and other hobbies, I just haven’t had the time to use it. I ran the calibration steps a few times, but nothing else.

My z-axis kit’s coupler is for the Ridgid router.

Paid $410, selling for $350 obo. Buyer pays shipping unless you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area and can pick it up.

My Ridgid router is also available. The router was purchased specifically for the Maslow, it hasn’t been used for anything else. Paid $160 retail (before tax), selling for $110 obo. Note the router base’s handles were removed to enable the router to fit inside the Maslow ring system.

Hey, I am interested in buy the router if it is still available. I travel a good deal for work… where are you located? If there is a chance I can carry it back, that could work. Otherwise, we can figure out shipping.

Can you send photos?

Someone else has expressed interest in the router, but I will let you know if it falls through. Thanks

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Here are photos of the router (the forum will only let me upload one picture per post, so be prepared for an onslaught of posts!)

I will post photos of the Maslow parts when I get some time in the next couple of days.

Note the router has the z-axis coupler attached; if you buy my Maslow kit with the router, I’ll leave it on. If you buy the router standalone, I will remove the coupler and keep it with the z-axis kit. Also note the router’s handles have been removed, but they can be reattached if needed.

Includes: Motor, fixed base router, 1/2 in. collet, 1/4 in. collet adaptor, collet wrench, centering tool and pin, T-handle wrench, vacuum attachment, 1-1/4 in. vacuum adaptor for 2-1/2 in. hose and contractor’s bag. Also includes long screws for mounting the router to the Maslow sled (base plate > 3/4" plywood > router base).

Interested in the kit! Will you take $300? I’ll pay shipping

I have posted this on eBay for buyer’s (and seller’s) peace of mind.

If anyone is interested in purchasing this combo, please go through eBay.


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