3600 x 1200 work area possible for the v4?

Hi All

I have a flat 2400mm x 4800mm table Im using for composite infusions for a truck camper that I’m building. I’m hoping for this table to double up as a Maslow v4 base.

I read that the belts are ~4400mm long so I did a quick sketch to see if I could process a 3600x1200mm board and it looks like it might be possible depending on how much of the belt is actually usable?

Or am I missing something obvious?

you have the right idea, it looks like it would probably work.

David Lang

the possible issue would be in the top center of the workpiece (especially with
a vertical frame) where you are fighting gravity and the angle between the two
belts on the long side is the widest. Will there be enough power from the motors
to move the sled towards the edge (i.e. up)

you would have to try

David Lang


@dlang is spot on. I think it should work, but we’re entering uncharted territory. That being said we’re here to help you figure it out if you run into issues so keep us posted :+1:

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Thanks guys, I’m excited to give it a go and report my findings :slight_smile:

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