Maslow 4 feature request - router table setup

with the V1 maslow, some people flipped the sled over to use as a mini router table. To do this with v4 I think it would take a slight modification of the firmware to add an extra mode. You would not extend the belts or do any calibration, only manage the Z axis (zero and then set depth)

It would be neat to make a pattern for a stand to hold it (think 3 legged step stool with a power shutoff type of thing) as an easy ‘getting started’ project


Interestingly this is actually already supported but for unrelated reasons. I found it annoying in testing that I couldn’t adjust the z-axis by itself when the machine isn’t attached to the frame so right now if you haven’t extended the belts yet and use the z-axis controls the z-axis will raise and lower while the other motors stay powered off.

I hadn’t thought of a router table application, but it should work great. I’ll be sure to leave that feature in since you are right that it has real world applications.