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$39.50 Shipped New Arduino DUE board & Motorshield with heat sinks aka 2nd Generation Maslow


I should have these boards by the end of this week from China.
$13 for Arduino Due board
$14 for Motor Shield
$3 for heat sinks attach with rubber bands, dental floss or other mechanical means since the self adhesive pads are not sticky enough.
No substituions/additions or subtractions.
Photo shows the motor shield only, not the arudino DUE or the heat sinks.

$9.50 to cover shipping and handling IN USA, Foreign orders will cost more.

$39.50 total

I bought these for my personal use and I am selling the extra at COST, not for a profit.

All sales are final, No Returns.

if interested send me your email address and shipping address.

These boards will let your machine run faster, especially when doing complex curves.

See this thread for details:


How many do you have and what is the process for getting one from you? I am interested.

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have about 30 for sale. just send me email and ship to address. Will have complete assembly photos by end of week. I’m going to send some to the original creator for him to test out if you want to wait for his “approval” you can do that as well.

These do NOT have the AUX pins soldered on, if you need that done let me know and I can do it for a few dollars more, or you can do it yourself if you have a decent soldering iron.

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I’d like to reserve one and would prefer to wait for the testing results.

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first come first serve, no “reservations”. though I doubt demand will be that high, which why I did not buy a lot. This is a new board, basically for those adventurous enough to test. The reward is it is dirt cheap cheaper then one could make it buying all the parts and assembling it themselves is my guess.


@aluminumwelder I’m interested in getting one of these boards. Do you still have some available?

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hi ive been looking for a new sheild i would love to buy one maybe two if they are working properly.
thank you for doing this whether or not they are still available you are awesome lol

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I’m in!

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Motor shields and Arduino DUE arrived yesterday, along with a nice tariff bill from DHL courtesy of US Gov. so unfortunately price will go up a few dollars. I’ll set up a little website checkout next week for those that are interested.


note that this is for the grbl based software, not the stock firmware. It’s
still in the experimental category (aka, software development needed)

That said, I’ll probably try to pick up a set.

David Lang


I am interested.

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I am interested in purchasing a board

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Im in. Message sent.

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Sales/shipping of this board will be delayed about a week because the White cable ports need to be rotated 180 degrees.

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Sent message. Intrested


I don’t recommend you post email here unless you want to get spammed, better to use private messages instead.

@bkloftin @gdenicolas


I am sending these boards to the PCB manufacturers to get fixed so it will be at least a few weeks before I get them back with correct orientation. I bought a desolder device but it did not work well enough to make it practical


Can I get 1 or 2 of the “impractical” boards to see about reworking the white connectors? Did you know one solution is to reverse the wiring on the board end of the cable and leave the white connector alone?

Just my thoughts

Thank you