The Mo-Bett'R Smoke Herder Shield for People that want to do CNC good

Coming Soonish …

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What is it? a new motor shield?

My guess is an Arduino Due compatible shield for use with @ldocull’s GRBL-based firmware.


Looks like an off the shelf motor driver ( L298N? ), eeprom ( AT24C256B 256KB?) and logic converter ( TXB0108? ) on a Due.
GREAT WORK!!! keep it up!! :slight_smile:

I see a yellow shield with through-hole TLE5206 on fat heatsinks :wink:

The TLE5206 seems to be there just by chance, look above it and you will see a L298N connected to the motors. I guess :slight_smile:

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You are right :unamused: No wires going there…

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from prior discussions, I’ve suggested having support for a stepper for the Z
axis. It would be verynice to be able to use an off-the-shelf Z axis with a
stepper there.

David Lang

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Below you will find a picture of the MoBett’R Due Shield that Bee was speaking of. Boards have been ordered and should be here in about two weeks for testing. Along with the new board design, I’ve also upgraded a few components with higher tolerances.

The key benefit will be more power like the TLE boards (4 amps). With a little help from ldocull, I also added a slightly better approach for the encoders.

dlang, I saw your post and will discuss it more with Bee. Thanks.



I got the boards, but I had a few design flaws that needed fixing.

  1. Haste makes waste. Caused air wire when I added PTC. (D11)
  2. Level Shifter txs0108e and not txb0108e. (Argh!)
  3. VIA too close to MP1 heat sink.
  4. Heat sinks out of alignment. Heat sink placement was based on wrong L298N Eagle package.

I’ve made the corrections along with some minor enhancements. Boards only have been re-ordered.